"Spare Your Hands And Work Smarter"

The Easy Saw is a tool designed to make sawing easier and more precise, particularly for those with limited grip or dexterity. It features a 360-degree rotating clamp that can securely hold a variety of materials, including sheet metal, carving wax, and coins. The rotating clamp allows for better precision cutting than conventional sawing methods, and requires less effort. Additionally, the Easy Saw can be used as a lazy Susan, which can be helpful for a variety of crafting and DIY projects, such as soldering or holding down materials for engraving or carving. Overall, the Easy Saw is a versatile and useful tool for those who frequently work with materials that require sawing or carving.


How to use the clamp and addons - There are no other instructions

How It All Started ...

  • A little about myself and the Easy Saw journey!

    My name is Dennis, and I have been in the jewelry making business since 1992 and one of the things I have always disliked is sawing materials. For me, holding the material on a bench pin while sawing has always been an awkward process. 

    Around 20 years ago I started thinking of an easier way to make sawing a more pleasurable process. Around 6 years ago I stopped doing shows which slowed up the development of the Easy Saw clamp. I have a family member that graduated with an Engineering degree so the time was right to start the design process, It took 2 1/2 years to come up with a great product !I then handed off the production and fine tuning of the clamp to a great shop in Minnesota. Today the clamp is a great tool that secures many different types of flat material using a clamp that rotates 360 deg. 
    Today the clamp is a great tool that secures many different types of flat material using a clamp that rotated 360 deg. The Easy Saw is more than a rotating clamp but also a Lazy Susan that can be used as a rotating soldering bed, It can hold material that needs to be engraved, carved and has other uses. 

    The Easy Saw comes with the main clamp and 3 polycarbonate pieces that make the clamp more versatile and usable.The top plate is meant to be removed and replaced with an addon.The addons may be purchased separately.  The Easy Saw is fantastic for a person with  hand mobility problems and precise sawing for a Pro or a new person getting started in the jewelry field