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Easy Saw - The Jewelry Makers Rotating Clamp

Easy Saw - The Jewelry Makers Rotating Clamp

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The Easy Saw Clamp is a new clamping system that allows users to securely hold and cut material without the need for a traditional bench pin. The clamp is designed to fit onto the GRS bench mount and can be purchased through various retailers.

The clamp is equipped with a rotating mechanism that allows it to rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to adjust the angle of the material. It is also designed with two bolts sitting on springs that can be easily clamped down to secure the material in place. The inside diameter of the opening is nearly 2 1/2 inches, and the clamp can accommodate materials up to 4 inches wide.

To prevent marring of the material, the clamp is sandwiched between Neoprene Rubber sheets. The clamp also features one or two locking pins that can be inserted into the aluminum plates and body to prevent rotation when needed.

The Easy Saw Clamp comes with one 6mm polycarbonate part that allow for different procedures.  The material is placed on top of the polycarbonate sheet and held down by handor by mini clamps

The part is designed to replace the top aluminum part and has a slot in the center for easy saw blade access. The user needs to cut a hole in this part to enable easy sawing. This part can be swapped out with different add-ons as needed.

Overall, the Easy Saw Clamp is a versatile and useful tool for jewelry makers and other craftspeople who work with small materials. Its clamping system eliminates the need for a bench pin in most cases, making it a convenient and time-saving option.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Game Changer!

I have developed problems with cramping and locking in the fingers of my anchoring hand while sawing and piercing. I saw this on both Gomeow Creations and Melissa Muir’s You Tube channels and was (very sweetly) gifted it for Christmas by my boyfriend. It has TOTALLY relieved my hand cramping and has improved my sawing accuracy beyond my expectations. I find it to be a game changer and absolutely worth the $$. Thank you, Easy Saw! You Rock!!

Danielle Curry
You Need This in Your Life!

There are so many frivolous, albeit, fun tools to buy for metal work, but this is not one of them. It is such a functional tool, it will save you time as well as pain and potential damage to your hands/wrists. You’ll be able to saw longer without fatigue, guide your pieces more smoothly, and your fingers should never be in the way of your saw blade. It’s built to last and works beautifully with the deep Knew Concepts lever release saw. The perfect combo for delightful saw piercing you will want to put on your wish list! If you’re ever fortunate to try one, you’ll be begging Dennis to take your money—truly!

Regan Dolsby
Best saw clamp ever!

Amazing saw clamp! Increases precision cuts and decreases hand cramping. Swivels nicely and I love that one can lock the clamp in place. How did I ever pierce or saw without this?!

Awesome tool!

The rotating clamp assembly is an awesome tool for assisting in complex and accurate sawing processes. Mounting was straight forward. Physical sawing fatigue is drastically minimized due to the thoughtful design of the tool. It is incredible for piercing-sawing tasks using the appropriate style of saw. The accessories (grid fixture and extra clamps) are wonderful for enhancing the versatility of the assembly, as to use it for other sawing and processes such as positioning, rotating, clamping, soldering, etc..
This was purchased for a gift for my wife and it is very much appreciated to say the least, and it has been used almost daily. We are patiently awaiting the plastic plates that are in production being machined. Thanks for your work and development of this tool.

Jerry Ingram

Works great